Principal letter

It was born as a dream. And in 1994 dream come true. The Egyptian Language School grew from a dream. Nearly 20 years ago, to a school that caters to a student body of nearly 7000. ELS offers a variety of educational systems to suit the different needs of these learners. Whether our students become a part of our family under the National Language School umbrella or join the British or American programs within our International School, we "Teach for life". This is a guarantee that our Elsians become equipped with the skills that they need to face any challenges head. The National School at ELS follows the Egyptian government curriculum while giving focus to the English language. Our National students reach great academic fortitude and a level of mastery of the English Language that allows them to meet the demands of the 21st century and also flourish. The International Schools take the best of the American and British systems and curricula while keeping our students grounded in the best of our culture, traditions, and ethical and moral beliefs and upbringing. Whether National or International, at ELS we prepare our students with the knowledge, skills, traits, and attitudes to become responsible, versatile, innovative, and successful citizens of their communities and assets to any institution they join in their higher education or professional careers. The successes of ELS are accomplished through a partnership between a well-trained staff dedicated to the students and parents who have placed their trust in the school. This partnership is built on the solid foundation of the belief in the mission and vision of the school. Together we raise the bar of expectations and standards, look forward to greater and greater achievements, and always the best quality. At ELS students do not only receive a quality education, they become part of a family, and they learn for life.

School Superintendent