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    Fill in the online application & press send.

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    Within ten working days, student affairs office will email you the interview date and time.

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    Applications that do not meet the school criteria will not be receiving an appointment.

  4. 04

    On the day of the interview kindly be prompt. Come on time! Proceed to the Student Affairs Office to submit the required documents before you attend the interview.

The admission process requires

  • Filling in an online application
  • Getting an appointment
  • Passing the interview/admission exam
    N.B: Applications missing any of the fields will not be considered
    Admissions start in December (for more details, kindly refer to links below)

Please note the following:

  • Places are limited so we, as a school, have the right to decline any application after reaching our maximum limit and transfer it to a waiting list until space(s) become available.
  • There are no WALK-IN applications. Only online applications available.
  • An interview does not guarantee acceptance.
  • There will be TWO interviews:
    An interview with parents (The presence of both parents is a MUST.)
    An interview with the student including both an oral and personal assessment together with a written exam (subjects indicated on the interview slip) which could last from one to two hours according to the stage. (This applies to all stages except KG. The interview lasts 20 minutes for each child).
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