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Charity Campaigns

From Dolab El-Kheir to Donate to Educate last semester’s great efforts were turned into greater achievements as our ELSian students collaborated to organize and lead campaigns that truly made a difference.


To Recap Semester 1 Successes:

⁃              Donate to Educate

⁃              ELS family collected 58, 843LE, which gave 181 students the opportunity to get an education. A portion went to students in Dar Awlady in Maadi.


⁃              Dolab Al-Kheir

⁃              2000 pieces of clothing were collected and donated to Dar el Forqan in Nasr City and Dar Awlady in Maadi.


Thank you and congratulations to the ELS family for your amazing contributions to make this happen!


What has been achieved only makes us excited for what’s next! The mark of a new semester means the beginning of new campaigns.


With Ramadan around the corner we are providing our ELSian families with opportunities to give back to the community in the true spirit of the blessed month in the following student lead campaigns.


In the upcoming period we are encouraging donations in 2 forms:

⁃              Monetary – for Ramadan Bags in Kolena Mesa7araty (til March 20)

⁃              Items – medicine for DonAid (til March 17) and clothes, toys, homewear for ELS Foster (ongoing)


Read more about upcoming charity below!



This campaign is created to provide a vessel where our community is able to give medicine that still has an extended expiration date, and is no longer needed, for people who are in need of this medicine. Kindly follow these instructions when donating medicine and submit to your SCIENCE teachers.

1- Medicine should be placed in plastic bags.

2- Syrup medicine should be sealed.

3- Medicine must have a VALID expiration date.

Please donate before March 17. Let’s make use of what we don’t need!


Kolena Mesa7araty

The biggest ELS charity campaign is beginning! Our target this year is 2000 bags. Donations are accepted through March 20 and packing will be held on campus on March 24. Bags will be donated to families in need with a portion to Dar Awlady.


ELS Foster

As we continue to support Dar Awlady in Maadi a fraction of each ELS campaign is dedicated to the orphanage.


We also accept any type of donations of use to the orphanage throughout the coming period. Donations could vary from anything that is viewed as fitting. Bins are located at GDS office to collect

⁃              Toys

⁃              Clothes, shoes, bags

⁃              School material

⁃              Devices

⁃              Homewear, linens, etc

Donations must be sealed and labeled.


The program also provides an opportunity for our students to engage in community service activities with the orphanage and learn about new forms of charity. We will soon be planning Ramadan activities including visits to and from the Orphanage.


Awlady has over 300 girls and boys of all age groups. For more information about Awlady visit



The clock is ticking and one of ELS’s biggest events of the year is just around the corner. The preparation for ELS annual carnival has begun as Grade 9 students across the whole school work to bring you an AMAZING 21-22 CARNIVAL!! More information will come soon and tickets will be available next week!!


We thank you for your efforts,  contribution, and support in allowing our students to take an active part in the community.