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Donate to Educate Campaign (Nov. 14th– Dec. 26th)

Helping Hands ELS Charity

First Project – Donate to Educate

(Nov. 14th– Dec. 26th)

Dear parents,

Every child can and should learn!

  Millions of children in Egypt are denied the right to education because they are unable to pay the fees.

We can keep a child in school for less than the price of a fast food combo

Education is a basic right

Capable of bringing change and development to our society

Due to the sudden rise of the Governmental Schools fees this year as follows:


We need to cover the expenses for nearly 300 students

Let’s help reach 150000 L.E. for this exceptional school year!!!!


Please send your donations in a closed envelope titled “Donate to Educate” with your child’s name to his/ her Floor Supervisor on or before December 26th, 2021.