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Donate To Educate

Helping Hands ELS Charity

First Project – Donate to Educate

(Nov. 14th – Dec. 26th)

Dear parents,

Every child can and should learn!

Millions of children in Egypt are denied the right to education because they are unable to pay the fees.

We can keep a child in school for less than the price of a fast food combo

Education is a basic right

Capable of bringing change and development to our society

Due to the sudden rise of the Governmental Schools fees this year as follows:

We need to cover the expenses for nearly 300 students
Let’s help reach 150000 L.E. for this exceptional school year!!!!
Please send your donations in a closed envelope titled “Donate to Educate” with your child’s name to his/ her Floor Supervisor on or before December 26th, 2021.