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EAIS – Important Notes – Assignments, Materials, Charity, Coming Up!

Dear EAIS Parents and Students,

We are so excited to have our students back to school next week, and what an exciting week it will be!! Remember this week we will be hosting our Internal Review – so we will have some visitors on our campus!

Please read this correspondence for some important notes!!

  1. Week of December 5 Assignments & Materials
  2. Next Charity Initiative
  3. Reading Week – coming up Dec 12 – 16
  4. Spirit Week – coming up Dec 12 – 16
  5. Save the Dates!!! G1&2 Displays & Talent Show


Week of December 5 Assignments & Materials

Due to the postponed assessments and to give students a better chance to work on their assignments and projects, there will be some adjustments in next week’s due dates as follows:

  • For grades 5-12: Project task sheet 1 will be pushed to Monday Dec 6. (for grade 11&12 due date is Tuesday December 7)
  • For grades 3-11: Assignments due dates will be pushed to Tuesday December 7

To facilitate returning back of materials, students are asked to follow the following plan to return back their materials:

Grades 1&2 –

Sunday: English & Arabic

Monday: Science & Math

Tuesday: Social Studies


Grades 3-12 –

Sunday: Math, Arabic, French/ German

Monday: Literature, Language, Social studies

Tuesday: Science, Arabic Social Studies, ICT


Next Charity Initiative- Dolab El Kheir

On December 5th we will be starting one of our more traditional, yet very successful charity campaigns.

Dolab El-Kheir is not simply a charity campaign, it goes beyond collecting clothes. It’s a portal that our students teleport through, becoming a team of active citizens and community workers who work together to help others and give back to the community. Hence Dolab El Kheir is more of a charity project rather than a charity campaign to help the less fortunate.

Campaign starts on December 5th.

Clothes donations stops January 6th.

Campaign ends February 3rd.

Please note that clothes must be in a GOOD CONDITION, and placed in a Plastic Bag.

Remember, your bag of old clothes could be someone else’s bag of gold. So, let’s work together to give out as much gold as possible!


Reading Week – coming up Dec 12 – 16

Reading has so much power over the mind, and is a strong tool that broadens one’s knowledge. At EAIS we believe that today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. One of the key ways we do to encourage reading is READING WEEK! Since our previous reading week was such a great benefit to the students and a smashing success, we are planning another one! It’s a chance our students get to read, get exposed to different genres, and express themselves through reading. Our Reading Week will include a lot of activities prepared to make it a memorable one.

Your valuable participation will add a value to the reading week. If you are interested in sharing your passion and love for reading by reading a book to our beloved students whether onsite or via Zoom, please fill in the link below

And remember what William Faulkner said “READ, READ, READ.”


Spirit Week – coming up Dec 12 – 16

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

Oscar Wilde


It’s finally here around the corner, our EAIS SPIRIT WEEK!!

We are excited to announce our annual Spirit Week the week of December 12!!

Every year, EAIS used to celebrate with her students and staff the Spirit Week where students and staff! get to dress up or down to fit the day’s theme.

Please see our daily themes and objectives in the link below:


Save the Dates!!! G1&2 Displays & Talent Show

Nothing is better than seeing our students shining on stage! Please save these dates on your calendar for upcoming events and more details will be shared shortly.

G1 Display: Monday December 20

G2 Display: Sunday December 19

Talent show: Wednesday December 22