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EAIS PTA Board Announcement 21-22

We are happy to announce the EAIS PTA Board for the 21-22 academic year. The PTA consists of 13 members: 5 elected parents, 3 community members, 3 school members. school director, and school counselor.
Congratulations to the following:
President: Ms. Mona Bizzari, mother of Laila Hesham (6) and Badr Hesham (graduate class of 2021)
Vice President: Mr. Shady Yehia, father of Emma (4) and Ellen (1) (
Public Relations: Ms. Rehab Abbas Mohamed, mother of Yassin Sameh (3) and Zeina Sameh (5) (
Secretary: Tamer Mamdouh, father of Joumana (10) (
The duration for the board will be until Fall 2024.
We look forward to increasing parent engagement and participation to continue improvement and have a great year!
Please see below as a reminder of the PTA Mission and Objectives:
The PTA Mission
The mission of the PTA is to act as a sounding board and communication channel for the EAIS community at large (parents, teachers, and students) in order to provide for the best interest of its members in a constructive and effective manner.

The PTA believes
 successful education requires active participation among the school, the home and the surrounding community; and
 the effective relationship between the education system and the community is promoted through consultation, collaboration and open communication.
The objectives of the PTA are:
• to promote partnership between the school, its students, parents and the local community
• to create interest in the school within the community
• to act in an advisory and support capacity as required by school admin
• to identify and represent the views of parents on matters affecting student welfare