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Important Note: Assessments, Internal Review, Project, SC Theme Day

Dear Parents and students,

As much as we miss our full campus and everyone in it, we hope that your zoom week is going well.

In this email, you will find everything you need to know about:

1- Updated assessments dates

2- Internal Review

3- Project Launching

4- Student Council’s out of uniform themed day.


1- Updated assessment dates:

Postponed Assessments will be on Sunday December 5th during Zero period.

Exceptions are:

Grade 2 will be extended to Monday December 6th.

Grade 10 will be doubled with second assessment on Sunday December 5th.

Grade 12 will begin Monday December 6th and extend to Tuesday December 7th, Wednesday December 8th.



2- Internal Review

As EAIS we are always keen to ensure our performance and quality. Therefore on December 5th we will be undergoing our ‘Internal Review’.

The Internal Review will be a review done by a team from EAIS on both campuses Katameya and October. It is the same as the review done by the Cognia team, yet it will be done by an internal team from the school.

This process will include focus groups of students, parents, teachers and staff, in order to be able to collect feedback.

This review is a key element for our cycle of continuous improvement, therefore all feedback collected and collaboration will only aid the school’s quality and improvement.



3- Update on project launching:

This week marks the projects kickoff.

These projects have so much into them, and go beyond academic performance. The projects are a opportunity for our students to collaborate, compile and integrate everything they learnt, and put it all together in order to connect all their learning to life. The projects test their knowledge, skills and academics, and address our vision ‘We Teach for Life’ by connecting all of this to life.

Hope all of our students do well on their project, and we’ll keep you updated.



4- Student Council’s out of uniform themed day:

On Wednesday December 8th our Student Council will have their first out of uniform themed day, so thank the student council for getting you another day of spirit!

The theme well be “Everything but a backpack!”

Which means that students can come to school with anything but a backpack. So they have to bring in their things with anything else, and of course whatever they bring has to match their outfit, so get creative!


On a final note our charity campaign Donate to Educate is still going till the and of December, so don’t forget donate and let’s help as much children as possible.


Hope this email made everything clear, and we can’t wait to have everyone back on campus!