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PTA Meeting

Dear EAIS parents , 
Our first PTA meeting was held on  October 11th ,2021 Following an email dated October 3rd,2021 asking parents to fill a RSVP form to join the  meeting. 13 distinguished parents joined  and the meeting ended by electing 5 parents representatives as follows:
Mr.Mohamed ElGebally- PTA President
Ms.Hebatullah Fouad- Vice President
Ms.Rania Ghamrawy – Secretary
Ms.Gihane Samir – Public Relation
Ms.Lubna Samir Hussein – Treasure Responsible
A second meeting was held on October 28th 2021  and it included 3 teachers in addition the previously mentioned PTA members:
Ms.Sarah Wahba , Ms. Mona Medhat and Ms. Rehab Helmy .
Various topics were discussed during this meeting ,and there was an agreement to have regular meetings in order to greater promote the partnership between the school and parents for the welfare of our students.