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self learning Parents’ Letter


Dear Parent/Student,

During this exceptional year, we shifted our teaching strategy and approach to help us all benefit the most from all the available resources within a very tight timeline.

As mentioned before we are adopting the blended learning technique, which combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction with the traditional place-based classroom methods.

This technique puts a remarkable weight on the self-learning effort every student exerts on his own.

As mentioned before, several tasks that were used to be done onsite, will be asked to be done by students at home (induction phase).

Unfortunately we noticed that these tasks were usually neglected which by default caused a gap between the students understanding and our lesson plans that needed to be achieved during the very limited time the students have onsite.

So kindly make sure that all material sent as induction and preparation for our new topics, are covered by our beloved students.

Thanks a lot for your usual cooperation and understanding.



Dalia Hassanein
School Director