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Spelling bee ( Years 1-3 )

Dear Students and Parents,


The English language Department is delighted to offer once again,  our Annual Spelling Bee Competition for our young learners on December 23rd, 2021.


The purpose of this is to help children improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.  Bees are known to help  boost students’ interest in reading and in addition, they help build character and students’ public speaking skills.


Each year level will have a mini classroom spelling bee during the week of December 12th to 16th.  The top three students from each year level class will advance to the Finals on December 23rd.  


Guidelines for Classroom Spelling Bees

Classroom spelling bees are conducted to find the top 3 students in each class. These students will  go on to our divisional spelling bee where one winner and runner up will be chosen from each stage level. 


We encourage students to study their year level’s lists in preparations for the bee, while also keeping in mind that if the individuals in their year are spelling all of those words correctly, we will continually advance into the next year level’s list until we have 2 top students competing for the Final and Runner Up positions of that year level. 


We will be using the Fry Sight Word listings, Phonics/Spelling and Vocabulary words from Term 1 as our spelling lists. 

Year 1 – First 100   fryfirst100set.pdf  + Phonics and Vocabulary Words in Term 1

Year 2  -2nd 100  frysecond100set.pdf + Spelling  and Vocabulary Words in Term 1

Year 3– 3rd 100 frythird100set.pdf+ Spelling  and Vocabulary Words in Term 1

This is the 4th 100 listing which will be used if needed.  fryfourth100set.pdf


More information will follow closer to the first competitions.


We wish all our students best of luck with your preparations!  


Best Regards,


Year 1-3 English Department