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Spelling Bee ( Years 4-6 )

EBIS 2021/2022 Spelling Bee

The English language Department is delighted to offer our Annual Spelling Bee Competition for our young learners. The competition is designed for the purpose of allowing our students to gain valuable experience through the process of competition and evaluation.

Guidelines for Classroom Spelling Bees

Classroom spelling bees are conducted to pick a winner from runners-up from each class.Therunners-up go on to a divisional spelling bee where one winner and runner up will be chosen from each stage.

Round 1: Starting Monday22ndNovember

This will be based on words in their spelling lists from Term 1. This will be in class. Vocabulary words may be used depending on numbers left. Those who pass the 1st round will be legible to join the 2nd round.

Round 2: Starting Thursday 25thNovember

This will be based on words from term 1 in their books. It may be extended to words that follow the same spelling rule and vocabulary words depending on the numbers left. Also, words from stories read. This will be in class.

The Final Round: Wednesday 1stDecember

In the final round, those who passed the second round, will compete in an oral spell off.The teacher will randomly choose words from random sources suitable for their age. This will be between the same year group. There will be a final winner and runner-up.

Good luck to all our contestants!

English Department