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Opening: 2016
Caters for K-IGCSE (2016-17): KG1 only

EBIS– the British Division of the Egyptian Language School (ELS) we are dedicated to each of our pupils, providing a long- life love of learning. We instill skills and ethics into our pupils, encouraging them to create an awareness of their surroundings and become worthy contributors to society.
Our Kindergarten is considered an INTERNATIONAL one under the American School umbrella.By the end of KG2, parents confirm their choice of either their children will be promoted to the British or the American system.
Curriculum: EBIS is a Cambridge associate school. Our curriculummeets the ever-changing needs of our pupils and is based on the firm foundation of the proven system of British Education (Cambridge International Primary Programme and IGCSE.
EBIS curriculum develops the most essential skills for success. These skills include linguistic, critical thinking, creative,innovative, problem solving, organizational and leadership skills.
Staff: The faculty is comprised of dedicated professional qualified Native British and near native teachers as well as highly qualified Egyptian educators.



“We teach for life”


EBIS is a center of excellence in learning & living. We instill in pupils lifelong love of learning which will empower them to achieve their aspirations. The school will enrich pupils with essential values based on both The British and the Egyptian cultures. Our work is based on collaboration between qualified staff, involved families and community members.

Pastoral Care

At EBIS,we ensure that our pupils grow in an atmosphere of valuing their own self, showing empathy and reflect confidence in all aspects of their daily lives.

Positive pastoral care at EBIS is capitalized through:

  • Positive relationship between teachers and pupils where teachers respect and value pupils ‘opinions and contributions.
  • Healthy and cooperative relationship among pupils whether inside or outside the classroom. Our pupils are consistently taught to work with peers valuing their contributions. Their achievement is always recognized and celebrated.
  • All school members work hard to maintain the use of positive approaches to secure good behaviour standards. Our disciplinary procedures are clear and acknowledged by pupils and parents, thus viewed as a fair and balanced one.

Other info about EBIS

Values and Beliefs
  • As an institution we aim to provide a system of high quality education, allowing each of our pupils to develop academically and socially. We encourage learners to be independent, developing an understanding of the local, national and international environment. A happy school environment is a productive one, with staff and pupils showing consideration for one another, building on an atmosphere of positive moral values and encouraging self-awareness and creativity in the rapidly changing world we live in.
  • In today’s ever changing environment it is of the upmost importance that pupils can relate learning from school to real life situations. They must have the willingness and freedom to rise to all challenges and continually pursue knowledge and exchange ideas.
  • EBIS provides a secure, well-resourced, stimulating and purposeful learning, striving to nourish each child as a unique individual, instilling independence and ambition in the creation of responsible and confident global citizens.
  • We encourage pupils to fulfill their potential yet, continually be challenged. They should value their role as a member of the school community, and foster cooperation and mutual respect in the home-school partnership. In order to do this, pupils should be able to think critically. A successful leader will have developed communicational and organizational skills; they will take responsibility for their own decisions while being a cooperative and trustworthy team player. EBIS aims that each pupil should be self-disciplined and motivated for any situation that arises, they should show perseverance and automatically self-reflect to evaluate the outcome.
Honour Roll

Teaching for Excellence here at EBIS, It is an inclusion-incentivized programme where we honour all contributions whether this be academic, character or ability driven.