egyptian british international school

egyptian british international school
New Cairo



“We teach for life”.


EBIS is a center of excellence in learning & living. We instill in pupils lifelong love of learning which will empower them to achieve their aspirations. The school will enrich pupils with essential values based on both The British and the Egyptian cultures. Our work is based on collaboration between qualified staff, involved families and community members.


Library: within the school building where pupils have access to a collection of resources that are aligned with the school’s curriculum to support its instructional program. Our collection will be periodically growing to meet reading needs of the school's community.


Medical Care
Medical Care-EBIS has a 2-bed clinic in the school. There is a qualified doctor and nurse on the premises at all times. In case of an emergency, parents will be contacted and appropriate actions taken.


Physical Education Facilities
Physical Education – PE is a compulsory subject from Years 1-9, pupils are guided through different sports, such as basketball, football and handball, alongside techniques helping with coordination and fitness.


Theatre and assembly room
Theatre and assembly room -for plays, performance and other activities


Science Laboratories
Science Laboratories – Pupils from Years 1-9 have the opportunity to carry out experiments in one of our 2 fully resourced Science Laboratories.


Art Studio
Art Studio – EBIS prides itself in an Art Studio, equipped with an array of art materials. Pupils have lots of space and opportunity to be expressive, learning many different artistic techniques such as painting, sketching and modeling.


Music Studio
Music Studio – Music is available to all pupils Years 1- 8. Skills taught in music classes are presented during class and year group performances


Technology Facilities
Technology Facilities – All classrooms are fitted with smart boards Y1-7, computers and data projectors. EBIS also has 2 well-equipped ICT labs. This year EBIS is launching a technology initiative for year 7. Pupils bring their devices to use for educational purposes. Moreover, the school provides a filtered wireless network for students in the lower secondary.


All classrooms are spacious equipped with Smart boards, computers and data projectors to ensure interactive learning environment.


Providing High quality continuous professional development for teachers is vital for the learning process. EBIS Hold training sessions before and during the academic year.


Discovering the leadership skills inside our pupils , start at school at this young age.They learn how to face opponents yet still need to show them respect.They persuade people to follow them.At this stage, they learn how to stand for their rights and believe in their inner power.Being part of the student council makes them work closely with the administration and be part of the decision making.

Home School Relations

We believe that home and school can accomplish more than either home or school can accomplish alone.
Ways of communication:
Ø Planner

Ø Email

Ø School phone & mobile

Ø Parents’ Conference

Ø One on one meeting

Ø Website: Calendar


Activities & Events