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“We believe in two everlasting values”
“Roots & Wings”

We also believe that each child is a unique individual and we respect and nurture this uniqueness.

ELSians’ Expectations

We expect from both Students and ELS staff members that they will be responsible for their actions respectable and punctual at all times.
Have a positive work ethic and be a role model in and out of the school.
Applying all school rules and regulations with a deep belief that this is for the welfare of the whole community.


“We Teach For Life”


We teach for life to bring up positive 21st century citizens able to succeed beyond schooling, capable of facing different life challenges and preparing them to be Egypt’s future leaders. We are after a high quality education in a safe and ethical atmosphere. This is guaranteed through providing a highly motivated enthusiastic staff as well as developing our students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills; supported by our good channels with parents through a clear open door policy.

National Curriculum

1) Languages:

  • English language as first language
  • French or German languages are taught as second languages starting 3rd Primary

Our approach to language teaching is integrative. We help students to learn through language, about language as well as the language skills. The stress is on active learning, enjoyment & students engaged in different extra-curricular activities & research projects inside & outside the classroom. Teachers support students positively in their learning and create a classroom environment that exposes students to the language as well as developing their confidence in using it.

  • Science and Math are taught in English.
  • Social Studies is taught in Arabic.

2) Features of the National Division in ELS:

  • Well selected highly qualified teachers
  • Teachers teaching English, Math and Science are graduates of Language schools.
  • Constant, effective “on the job” training and staff development
  • Varied co-curricular activities (i.e. research, work, projects, presentations etc.…)
  • Excellent practice of English language through different clubs for extra-curricular activities (i.e. drama, poetry, journalism etc.…)


Parents’ Expectations
  • Attend whenever possible, school events and consultation evening.
  • Encourage my child to meet homework deadlines.
  • Reinforce the importance of my child wearing proper uniform.
  • Ensure my child attends school on regular basis.
  • Be punctual for school events.
  • Support the school policy and guidelines for behaviour.
  • Ensure that my child comes to school properly equipped.
  • Let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • Respect the teachers work time and fix appointment with the school office to discuss any issues.
  • Encourage my child’s use of English within the school and on journeys to and from school.
  • Encourage my child to be punctual for buses and start of school.
  • Consider ELS my child’s second home and believe that we should work together for his general benefit and progress.