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New Cairo American Letter

At the Egyptian American International School we come together to share perspectives, opinions, and hopes. We believe in diversity and respect the differences that make the members of our EAIS family unique individuals. These very differences allow us to polish the skills of cooperation and expression that can allow for great accomplishments.

At EAIS our students learn to exercise their brains in academic fortitude, creativity in expression of their knowledge, and their rights and roles as they rise to the responsibility of their school, peers, and community beyond. We are focused on individualization in the classroom and in increasing digital learning inside and outside the classroom to engage our students using the tools they know. We aim to grow our students to leaders who can affect positive change. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In 2019 EAIS schools received candidacy to be accredited as the first system in Egypt by NCA-CASI a division of AdvancEd. In continuous improvement efforts EAIS works under an umbrella of main school goals for the greatest welfare of our stakeholders. EAIS aims to
1. Promote a professional learning environment.

Consistently use data analysis for improvement of student learning and system processes.
Continuously improving student academic achievement – by elevating proficiency and growth in core subjects while expanding activities and student life.
Grow globally competitive students for the 21st century by meeting 21st Century learning needs.
We look forward to many successful years ahead of learning, spirit and growth for all of the members of our EAIS family as we work together to advance ourselves, our students, our school, and our country to meet the changing demands of our ever-changing world.
Good luck and please remember to take every opportunity to learn something new . . . And don’t forget to SMILE!