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Dearest ELSian Family,

The world, as we know it, seems to have changed over night. As difficult as this period has been, for ELS, it has also been a period of great discoveries, reflection, growth, and investment that has been built exponentially over 25 years of success. These circumstances have provided opportunities that pushed us fast forward to communicate better, become more effective, and evolve into better educators. It has given us greater clarity as we have explored even further the elements of what makes us a whole.

At ELS we discovered our students and observed how they proved that they truly learn for life. Our students have shown how they face the challenge of constant change because they are equipped with a strong foundation of knowledge and skill. ELSian students displayed determination and rigor in maneuvering the new realms we have been thrust into with skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, and research.

ELSian parent support, trust, and partnership proved cornerstone in the success of the institution. We are proud of the mutual respect we share that is reflected in the outcome of our students.

The dedication and care of ELSian teachers was more pronounced than ever. Teachers were willing to give and develop and change, making use of all the professional learning they have gained throughout the years, for the best possible student experience.

ELSian school leaders, directors, headmistresses, academic and stage heads collaborated to exchange knowledge, skills, experiences, and techniques to reach the best welfare for all schools. They showed an endless spirit of giving and willingness to continue learning, growing, and developing for students’ welfare.

As ELSians, we are proud and would like to appreciate our President for his wisdom and foresight and our Minister of Education, who was a pioneer with a vision that was able to prepare and guide us through these challenges. With such leadership, Egypt will surely rank amongst the greatest countries and hopefully the greatest country.

With each step in the situation we have faced, we have re-evaluated and will re-establish our world and, with that, education. In our future vision, we plan for more investment in building characters through discussion, exploration and self expression, researching and building on knowledge, and developing social intelligence. We will take more steps to move our students further and produce citizens to face the ever changing world even stronger.

God bless and stay safe.
Mrs.Mervat Bassiouni