Y9 Biology Lab
Students in Y9 were given the objectives for the topic of heat transfer and it’s life applications they were asked to research present and explain their findings.

Seeing is believing
Y7 practical session (extraction of and onion film to observe the plant cell).
They were able to:
1- Extract the film using common lab tools (scalpel and forceps).
2- Dye it using a pigment.
3- Wash it to remove any extra stain.
4- Place their specimen on a slide and cover it avoiding air bubbles.
5- Observing the specimen under the microscope and draw what they saw.

Y7 Trip (Museum)

Y6 Trip (Religion Complex)

Students are performing 3,2,1 activity about Ocean layers and sea creatures

Applying active learning in year 2 ( Where is the number?)
Students had to find the hidden number in a picture, then each group was asked to represent the number in a different way then they shared their work with the whole class

As an “engage” activity, students are provided with a habitat. They are then asked to draw living organisms (real or fictional) that could live there. This is followed by a class discussion where every student explains why he chose to draw this organism and describe it. The drawings are then posted.
The objective is to elicit the concept of adaptations.