Students are performing 3,2,1 activity about Ocean layers and sea creatures

Applying active learning in year 2 ( Where is the number?)
Students had to find the hidden number in a picture, then each group was asked to represent the number in a different way then they shared their work with the whole class

As an “engage” activity, students are provided with a habitat. They are then asked to draw living organisms (real or fictional) that could live there. This is followed by a class discussion where every student explains why he chose to draw this organism and describe it. The drawings are then posted.
The objective is to elicit the concept of adaptations.

Dear Parents/ Students

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as Director of EBIS. It is an absolute privilege to have been appointed by the school and entrusted with the job of leading such an outstanding school. I am committed to the continued success of the school and will ensure all students receive the outstanding education they deserve. Many of you will already know me as I have had a number of senior roles in ELS,most recently as Headmistress of the Girls School and I am determined that the school will continue to build on its excellent reputation and continue to flourish ,I will ensure that our high expectations and standards are maintained, and with your support and the dedication and commitment of the staff, we will provide an outstanding education to help every student achieve their ambitions.
At the start of a new academic year I would like to go through some key points to ensure a successful partnership between the school, parents and students this year.
1: Home School communication
2: Dress in proper full uniform
3: Be punctual to school and classes
4: Use school property responsibly
5: Speak with respect
6: Keep your mind and body healthy
7: Speak English at all times
8: Keep your honesty at its best

EBIS Director ,
Hanaa Riad

Dear Parents

Spirit Week  will take place through Sunday 14th to Thursday 18th.

Child’s Day will take place on Wednesday 17th.

Term 2 starts on Sunday 21st.

Thanksgiving  Celebration will take place on Thursday 25th.

First day of School