Dear parents,

Due to the bad weather, Tomorrow Sunday 21st schedule will be as follows:


1) 1st & 2nd primary will have a “Day off”

Follow Google classroom for updates.


2) 3rd to 6th prim will be working “Zoom Online” according to the regular class schedule and regular school hours.


Please check your Google classroom for the Zoom links of all subjects.




1) 4th , 5th & 6th primary “Arabic assessment” is postponed to Monday 22/11/2021


2) No activities (Art, music,

P. E) lessons Online tomorrow


Stay Safe

Channel books are daily registrars that would keep parents aligned with students’ daily productive days.

School websites is for home–school communication and parental

Email is valuable because it is quick, efficient, and asynchronous, it can also overcome long-standing barriers to family-school communication and is a vehicle for communication that often makes things easier for everyone involved.

Meetings are crucial for exploring students’ background (academic and behavioral progress levels).

Regular parent / teacher meetings are arranged to pass updated feedback

Parents are welcome to pay other needed visits if there is urgency for discussing individual matters, suggestions, inquiries or complaints.

We ELS  usually open doors for parents to share and join with our students serving our main vision “WE TEACH FOR LIFE” as a guest speaker, judging in events, life coach and in school events.