Channel books are daily registrars that would keep parents aligned with students’ daily productive days.

School websites is for home–school communication and parental

Email is valuable because it is quick, efficient, and asynchronous, it can also overcome long-standing barriers to family-school communication and is a vehicle for communication that often makes things easier for everyone involved.

Meetings are crucial for exploring students’ background (academic and behavioral progress levels).

Regular parent / teacher meetings are arranged to pass updated feedback

Parents are welcome to pay other needed visits if there is urgency for discussing individual matters, suggestions, inquiries or complaints.

We ELS  usually open doors for parents to share and join with our students serving our main vision “WE TEACH FOR LIFE” as a guest speaker, judging in events, life coach and in school events.

Dear Parents Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you to our academic year 2021-2022. A new year full of new challenges with our sincere wishes to all the success and prosperity!
During the educational journey at ELS our students are empowered with all the tools they need to take all the risks and grasp every chance to develop and progress. Trust is the key to our mutual relationship. My advice to you is try your best to earn the trust of your teachers, administrators and your parents. Always abide to school rules and regulations which are designed and enforced for the sole purpose of your safety and welfare. My message to you is to challenge yourselves to make a positive change in your community and to make a difference.

As we teach for life, I want you always to explore and learn your potential and to work relentlessly to enrich your knowledge and improve your skills.

Wishing you all a fruitful year full of opportunities and experiences and I look forward to witness the changes I know my students are capable of.