ELS Admissions

The Egyptian Language School would like to welcome prospective parents/guardians interested in applying for the academic year 2022-2023

*You are kindly requested to fill an online application by visitingthe school’s website on See tables below with the online admission open dates.

*Only approved applications will be contacted by the Student Affairs Office via email within 2 weeks with an interview date and time for the parents and the child.


N.B.​    -Online Admissions will be closed as soon as we reach the required number.

​            -Should there be vacancies, another announcement will be made in March



Baby Class for All Branches – Starting April15th, 2022 (according to a schedule)



School Online Admission Open Date
EBIS (Alexandria) Starting November 29, 2021

Pre Kg, KG 1, KG 2, Year 1 to Year 6




New Cairo

School Online Admission Open Date
International KG I Starting November 29, 2021

(Age on October 1, 2022 to be 3.10)



National KG I



Age on October 1, 2022
to be 4 years

Group 1:    December12-13, 2021

Date of birth: Oct., Nov., Dec. 2017

Group 2:    December14-15, 2021

Date of birth: Jan., Feb., March 2018

Group 3:    December16-17, 2021

Date of birth: April, May, June 2018

Group 4:    December19-20,2021

Date of birth: July, Aug., Sept. 2018









 Nasr City

School Online Admission Open Date

National KG I to prim 6


from December 5 , 2021





School Online Admission Open Date
American  KG I  to  G12 from November 29, 2021

(KG1 Age on October 1, 2022 to be 3.10)


British  KG1  to  IG3 from November 29, 2021

 (KG1 Age on October 1, 2022 to be 3.10)


National KG I to  3rd Secondary from November 29, 2021

(KG1 Age on October 1, 2022 to be 4 years)





*Duplicate applications will be disregarded

*Applications must be specific to the specific branch as they are not transferable
(ex. If you apply for Nasr City, the application cannot be transferred to New Cairo)

*Applications not meeting age group requirements will be disregarded.











Dear EBIS Parents and Students,

We hope you are all safe and well.

Note that according to the Ministry decision we will not be onsite on Sunday November 21st due to weather conditions.

We will proceed with Zoom classes following regular Sunday schedule (classes will start at normal timings – no zero period)

All assessments will be pushed one day. (Ex. Sunday’s assessment will be held Monday and so forth)

Schedules will be on Google classroom and links will be posted by teachers before the beginning of each session

All classes except PE will run.

Thanks for your cooperation!!

Dear parents

Happy 6th of October

In the spirit of 6 october celebration and to increase the sense of belonging, students are to come to school on Wednesday 6th October wearing the Egyptian flag colors (white/red/black).

The celebration will be during the morning line.

N.B. Thursday 7th October will be a day off (according to Prime Minister announcement).


Kind regards,

School Administration

Dear Parents and students,

This is a kind reminder that the class photo for Years 1 till 4 and Year 11  students will take place on Tuesday, 19th of October, 2021.

Years 5 till 10 will take place on Wednesday, 20th of October, 2021Students will come with the school uniform, no P.E uniform is allowed on that day even if they have PE class.

 Hair should be  combed properly.

 No fancy or strange hair styles are accepted for boys or girls.

 No accessories or jewellery are allowed, only earrings.

 kindly avoid absence as there will be no other opportunity to re-take the photo.

Thanks and Best Regards,

School Administration

Dear Parents and students,
As one of our main school goals is to strengthen our home / school communication that’s why we would like to share with you our students’ Pride Guide. Looking forward for more success to all our ELSIANS.…


Thanks and Best Regards,

School Administration



Books play a vital role in students’ lives by introducing them to a world of imagination, providing knowledge of the outside world, improving their reading, writing & speaking skills as well as boosting memory & intelligence.

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting the book fair . kindly check below link for the details

Dear Parents,
In celebration of Prophet Mohamed’s Birth “ Mawled El-nabwi” our students will come to school out of uniform and dressed in white according to the following schedule
Year Group
Year 5 Till 10
Tuesday, 19th of October
Year 1 Till 4 Year 11 & 12
Wednesday,20th of October
– There will also be a broadcast to celebrate the prophet’s birthday next Monday directed by the Arabic Department.
– On another Note, we remind you of the school photo, which will be taken according to the following schedule
Year Group
Year 1 Till 4
Tomorrow Tuesday, 19th of October
Year 5 Till 10
Wednesday,20th of October

Helping Hands ELS Charity

First Project – Donate to Educate

(Nov. 14th– Dec. 26th)

Dear parents,

Every child can and should learn!

  Millions of children in Egypt are denied the right to education because they are unable to pay the fees.

We can keep a child in school for less than the price of a fast food combo

Education is a basic right

Capable of bringing change and development to our society

Due to the sudden rise of the Governmental Schools fees this year as follows:


We need to cover the expenses for nearly 300 students

Let’s help reach 150000 L.E. for this exceptional school year!!!!


Please send your donations in a closed envelope titled “Donate to Educate” with your child’s name to his/ her Floor Supervisor on or before December 26th, 2021.