KG2: Social studies: learning about traffic signs and how traffic signs keep us safe. Also sharing and taking turns.

Phonics: letter P has the sound /p/
Recognition of /p/ sound at the beginning and at the end of the word through online activities

Pre-K: Passing the police car back and forth using a pipe, as an ice breaker between the children and to develop their gross motor skills

Pre-K: What is the name of the school discussion.
The children watched different pictures of the campus that had the logo. Learned what does EBIS mean, then went looking for it. Afterwards repeating the full name of the school.

Project: sticking the logo and stamping the name using paint and sponges

Pre-K: My teachers discussion.
The children discussed the names of their subjects’ teachers, what do they teach, their tools and their names. Later each child coloured “my teachers booklet