Dear parents,

Please note that in case your child is absent and you need to pick up his Homework ; you’re kindly requested to inform the school’s receptionist by telephone in the early morning so that you can come to collect it from the school’s reception at the end of the school day.

Thank you,

Available at Child Mall (Address: 21 Samir Abdel Raouf Street, off
Makram Ebeid Street, Nasr City. Students should stick to the School
Uniform. Black shoes is a must.
(Telephone Number: 22753999 – 22879999).

Dear parents,

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to our school.

Nasr City Campus was the first brick who contributed in the success of the ELS establishment. Here, we consider ourselves a family through which respect and dealing with wider community is implanted in our beloved students.

We always aim to bring up the best quality student who is capable of improving all forms of processes in life through developing self-motivation and team work spirit to achieve life goals. We as well create a positive caring atmosphere across the whole school and we embrace an open door policy to achieve a successful educational environment.

Our motto is “We care, we share and we teach for life”.

All the best,

Mrs. Aziza Zikry