Kindly note that books’ distribution will be taking place on Sunday 27th of February, 2022 from 9:00 am to 01:00 pm.
The books will be received from the book store beside the accounting office in the British building.
Please take a number to ensure appropriate turns, and be punctual (time/date).
-Kindly check the received books before leaving. -You have 24 hours for any changes.
Thank you for your cooperation

Welcome , Welcome!

Greet our day. Time for

work and time for play.

School is where we

love to be. Friends

together , you and me !

When you

Enter this

Loving school

Consider yourself

One of the special

Members of  an

Extraordinary family

“When you enter ELS

You are scientists.

You are important.

You are loved.

You are respected.

You are a friend.

You are the reason we are here! “

Channel books are daily registrars that would keep parents aligned with students’ daily productive days.

School websites is for home–school communication and parental