Increase parent engagement and strengthen home school relations and sense of belonging to the EAIS community

Use their creativity in producing an individualized giveaway to their family

Fulfill the following keys

– Respect (to the game, each other, winning and losing, family)

– Citizenship (family at home & school)

– Responsibility (in being active member of the team)

– Critical thinking, problem solving, academic excellence (ability to answer the questions of the game)

Teaching Students About Theatre and Performing Arts

-Transform Simple Stories into Wonderful Scripts

-Contribute as an Individual to A Theatrical Performance

-Encourages Students to Think and Act Creatively

• Students will accurately display their spelling words which they have learned in their ELA classes.

Accurately Spelling the Words is one of the skills in writing. Also, being able to pronounce a word on the basis of its written form is a useful speaking skill.

• The spelling of over seventy percent of English words are predictable; three percent of the words, however, are so irregular that they have to be learned as individual items.

• The Spelling Bee is an exciting way of helping children overcome any difficulties they have in spelling problematic words.

• The purpose is to help students to improve their spelling, to increase their vocabulary, to learn concepts, and to develop correct English usage for a lifetime.

EAIS goes green for 100 days of school.

–          Raise awareness of recycling.

–          Enhancing collaboration, citizenship, respect for the environment.

–          Using creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving to create a usable product.

Improve Their Spelling

Increase Their Vocabulary

Learn Concepts

Develop Correct French / German Usage for A Lifetime

The Model United Nations is a real-life simulation of the United Nations

The objective of the Model United Nations is to seek, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world. In the process, the participating students learn to adopt views and attitudes other than their own and break away from narrow national interests and develop international cooperation.

–          Raise awareness of world issues

–          Critical thinking and reasoning

–          Public speaking, discussion, debate and presentation skills

Research skills

Teamwork, project management & decision making

– Critical thinking and reasoning

– Fundraising & marketing

– Public speaking and presentation skills

To raise awareness of bullying and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it.

To be aware of common misconceptions regarding bullies.

Recognize and identify incidences of bullying and identify its various types, styles and forms.

Become aware of both the short and long-term consequences of ignoring bullying.

Identify the characteristics of bullies and their victims.

Learn and contribute to strategies for creating a school environment where everyone feels safe

Recognize and celebrate the academic and 6 key achievements of students

Motivate other students to reach higher potentials

Communicate expectations and rubrics for honors and special awards to stakeholders

Dear Grade 3 Parents,


It’s our pleasure and honor to invite you to our Drama Display in celebration of the Family Appreciation Day. Kindly check the following link for the invitation and specific time for each class.


Students will be receiving a slip in their channel books for the required outfit on that day.


Can’t wait to see our young ones shining on the stage!!